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Attitude For Weight Loss

Much has been said and written about methods of weight loss, to the extent that if I see an article on it I'd probably turn over the page quickly. Then, why should I bother to write about one?

Because, what I have to say is not about any diet plan or exercise plan, but about how we feel; about what we think (not about what we eat), and how that really makes what we are.

There are all kinds of diets, exercise plans, retreats and what not - training people in aspects of weight loss. The techniques are all well researched; the teachers are good. Yet, these things don't always work and even if they do, it's mostly temporary. Then why is it that, after slogging for weeks or months, the fat refuses to go from our bodies. It just stays put for ever and ever....and ever...

The problem lies not with the method but with our mind, our attitude and our lifestyles. Besides following the routine of exercises and diets, it is most important to be self-aware; Awareness, that we have the healing power within ourselves; to realize what are our needs , strengths and weaknesses; To know what is good for us rather than blindly going for a fancy looking (Hollywood celebrity endorsed) diet plan.

Yogic approach to weight loss refers not only to the physical body, but to all aspects. It works on our level of consciousness (mental energy).

The meditation practice of antar mouna or inner silence helps to clean the mind. You start becoming aware of your own toxic thoughts and vicious mental patterns leading to repeated weight gain.

It is these negative thoughts which lead to inactivity and wrong food decisions. Once the thoughts are purged, their manifestation will cease. The physical body which is an outcome of our mental body will also be healed. The body will come back to its balanced weight and shape and remain like that.

With the practice of yoga therapy, we begin to realize our needs. We begin to develop greater self-confidence with our increasing awareness. We start becoming aware of what we need to eat, what exercise is good for us and how we should lead our lives.

Right mental attitude will then yield results of your preferred diet or exercise plan. The changes implemented then, will be lifelong.

Community Comments:
It takes much more than right diet and hitting gym for hours to attain a fit physical body. It is more about internal strength. Discipline and Will-Power are the main ingredients to accomplish a successful diet plan. There are so many out-door services promising weight reduction within few days but as soon as you stop paying them their magic starts vanishing. In spite of fixed routine diets and exercises, it is really important to be self aware. Knowing your body-type, its needs, what suits it and what does not-we should know about ourselves that much. It is not that slimming tea that has made a person thin will do the wonders for you too. Yogic Approach to weight loss also tends to toxin- loss. Negative thoughts that tend us for tempting wrong foods must be cleansed with meditation. Yoga-Practice develops more confident and fitter body. And thus the outcome of diet and exercise will stay for long and ever.


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