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Rise of Disease

Any disease, big or small originates from the mind. Disturbance in the mind, if not managed in time, manifests itself in some sort of a physical ailment.

How can daily stress and unresolved issues cause disease?

Our bodily functions are controlled by a complex play of various hormones, enzymes and chemicals. The production of these chemicals is done by the pituitary-pineal-hypothalamus gland complex in our brain. The brain acts after getting the signals from the mind.

A peaceful and relaxed mind will send normal impulses to the brain, whereas, a stressful mind, will generate chaotic impulses, leading to a disturbance in the brain's gland complex. This will further lead to minor metabolic defects. These defects gradually become major defects, producing a spectrum of diseases.

For example, let us see how stress can lead to major heart problems: Stress Hypertension Increased cholesterol levels Thickening of arteries Angina syndrome Cardiovascular problems.

 Recent medical studies have proved that hypertension, diabetes, heart problems are not different diseases, but a part of a single syndrome. Diabetes shares a common etiology with hypertension, which shares a common etiology with heart disease. This means that all diseases are not separate, but linked; Linked by a common cause- the mind.

It is the personal disposition of a person which results in disease getting manifested first. Stress, definitely, affects the metabolic and endocrinal secretions of each and every cell of the body.

How to prevent disease?

Since it is more or less understood that mind is the birthplace of disease, so we should work on our minds to prevent disease. To prevent disease, one should ideally have a relaxed state of mind. This relaxed state can be achieved through the practice of yoga.

Yoga practices produce balance, harmony and integration in physical and mental processes. If one is already suffering from diseases, yoga can be beneficial in breaking the vicious mental patterns and restore health.

Practicing of a yogic asana (posture), leads to a relaxed state of mind. Yoga is not heavy exercise. In it, just the muscles get stretched, and stretched muscles lead to relaxed mind.

Any excitement or fear leads to quickened breathing. This means that our breath has a direct connection with our mind. So, if we practice correct breathing with Pranayama, we can learn to calm our minds.

Thus, it is seen that yoga practices act directly on the mind and can be vital in prevention of disease.

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