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Resolving Food Allergies through Swar Yoga…. Permanently!

By Arun Goel

Biba, a 13 year old suffers from severe nausea and vomiting upon drinking milk, which her mother insists for her complete nutrition. Not far way, Altaf gets a severe bout of blisters on having the bread that he otherwise loves to eat.

Both Biba and Altaf are suffering from, what is becoming a frighteningly growing trend, a disorder commonly referred to as Food Allergy!

In essence, an unfavorable body reaction to a particular food is called a food allergy. The reactions could be mild - bloating, nausea, indigestion - or even severe, like skin eruptions, rashes, immediate vomiting etc.

The Cause of Food Allergy & its Conventional Management

The conventional belief is that it is a particular element in the food type which is the cause of this reaction. So, you have the terms - gluten allergy, lactose intolerance, peanut allergy etc.

Some even attribute this growing intolerance to the rise of genetically modified foods or engineered foods.

The conventional approach to manage food allergies involves the dissecting of the food into elements and then approximating which element it is that causes this reaction. Removing this element from the diet is then professed as the 'cure' of the allergy.

This is the classic modern medicine approach of breaking down the whole into parts and then trying to eliminate the part. Needless to say, this approach spawns entirely new industries around this concept – pharma care, allergen-free nutrition, modified foods etc. - all multi billion dollar enterprises in themselves.


In reality, this has limited results and perpetuates the problem. Such an approach involving a deviation from the whole, in turn, creates more allergies and intolerances, setting up a vicious cycle!

It is a matter of common sense that such side effects will always occur as we move away from what is natural or WHOLE. The human body was made for the whole environment which includes foods in their whole form. Any deviation would take a toll in some form or the other.

The Way Ahead

‘Avoidance’ is a Golden Prison; NOT the solution!

Restricting ourselves through avoiding foods or being led to eating modified foods is no solution. It is constraining ourselves and living a life in shackles; never a pleasant situation and one that is entirely avoidable.

The way out should be to use the food allergy to help us understand our body better and modify its working to be able to absorb the very nutrient that is an allergen in the present situation.

Now, wouldn’t that be wonderful? A permanent solution without the bondage of medications and restrictions!

Is this really possible? Can this be corrected? - A definite YES!!

The Power of Swar Yoga

The answer is Swar Yoga. Unfortunately, Yoga is increasingly being restricted to just a fitness fad, concealing the vast possibilities that Yoga offers to the betterment of humanity.

Swar Yoga is the Yoga of Balancing Energy Flow. The human body is always in operation through the interplay of the energy flow in the main Energy channels (nadis) - the Ida Nadi (cold or lunar) and the Pingala Nadi(hot or Sun)

The energy in these channels is in constant interplay within the body and the imbalance of these channel flows results in health disorders.

Swar Yoga aims to correct this imbalance through the "right" form of Asanas (physical positions) and Pranayama (energy control)

Recognizing that food allergies are very much a part of this imbalance and then correcting it permanently is a part of Swar Yoga.

In fact, Swar Yoga not only resolves food allergies, but a whole lot of conditions that modern medicine is unable to address successfully or finds difficult to cope with.

Unfortunately, most yoga practitioners of today, due to their limited knowledge, do not know the HOWs and WHYs of Asana to effectively use them for correcting imbalances and helping humans become self-reliant in managing their conditions themselves.

What is needed is to find genuine Swar Yoga experts who understand the choke-points in the individual and then guide them to help their food allergies ‘melt’ away.

At HealthAndYoga we have been fortunate to know of one such expert. Should you feel the need to share your concerns, we may be able to help!

Click here to put in your conditions and some details about yourself and we shall attempt to put you through.

In Service and hoping for a drug-free and self reliant society.


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