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Yoga for Back Pain

The aims in the management of an acute episode of lumbar pain are

  1. Rest the painful part so that the acute injuries to the disc and soft tissues or the bone can heal faster.

  2. Provide deep relaxation to the long thick para-spinal muscles that would be in protective spasm.

  3. Immobilize the part so that the sharp pain that gets triggered by every small movement would increase the protective muscle spasm and would increase the protective muscle spasm and prevent them from relaxing.

  4. Rest the mind; when you have much pain the mind cannot rest and sleep will be disturbed. Once you cannot sleep, you start worrying about the pain, its future consequences, the business problems, office problems, family problems, nations problems etc, etc,. which adds to the aggravation of pain. Hence it is very important to rest the mind
    Conventional management techniques include a combination of immobilization, local heat or cold packs, nerve blocks, anti-inflammatory medicines, muscle relaxants, pain killers, tranquilizers to give rest and comfort.

Folded Legs Lumbar Stretch

STAGE-II (with both legs)

Sthiti (initial) for SupinePostures 


  • Same as in Stage-I, except that here both legs are folded at the knees and the heels are placed on the floor and as close to the buttocks as possible, Inhale.

  • While exhaling lower both the knees together to the right towards the floor as far as is comfortable and simultaneously turn the head to the left.

  • Then, while inhaling raise the knees up and bring the head to the centre.

  • Now while exhaling, lower both knees to the left towards the floor and turn the head to the right.

  • While inhaling, bring the knees and the head back to the starting position.

  • This is one round.

  • Repeat five rounds.

Note (For both Stages)

  • Synchronize knee movement with breathing.

  • Let the shoulders be firm on the ground; do not lift them during the practice.

  • Be aware and concentrate on the lumbar region throughout the practice.

  • While lowering the knee or knees towards right or left, feel the stretch in the lumbar region.

  • You may feel the stretch in the lumbar region much more in Stage-II than Stage I.

  • With continued practice, you will be able to perceive the stretch better and better.

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