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Yoga for Back Pain

Why is Back pain becoming more and more common in modern man?

There are four major factors that go with the modern life style that are responsible for this increasing problem of back pain.

1. Muscles are weaker than our ancestors.

Modern technological advances has made life easy with tools, aids, gadgets and ever renewed transport facilities (cars and aeroplanes) that have drastically reduced the need for physical activity. Today's life style can be managed most efficiently without using our muscles. Every thing can happen by pressing a button on a P.C. or a Palm top. This is responsible for lesser stamina in the muscles all over the body in general and the strong thick postural muscles of the spine in particular. We know that it is regular activity that keeps any skeletal muscle strong and sturdy. The muscle power and stamina goes on increasing with increasing movement done in a systematically graded manner with enough rest in between. This is the principle used in any body building programme. Once the physical activity level reduces the muscles start becoming weaker and weaker.

Pavanamuktasana Lumbar Stretch

Sthiti: Supine Posture. 


  • While inhaling slowly raise the right leg up to 90° without bending the knee.

  • While exhaling bend the knee, pull it towards the chest with the hands (fingers interlocked) and simultaneously raise the head trying to touch the knee with the forehead.

  • Maintain for a while feeling the stretch of the back muscles.

  • Then, inhale stretch up the right leg to 90°.

  • while exhaling lower the right leg to the floor.

  • Repeat the same with the left leg.

  • This is one round Repeat 5 rounds.


  • Do not bend the knee while raising and lowering the leg.

  • Synchronize perfectly your breathing with the movement.

  • While touching the knee with the forehead you should be able to feel the stretch at the lumbar region.

  • Do it with closed eyes and maintain awareness in the lumbar region.

  • You can do this practice with both legs together too.

This article has been written by Dr. R. Nagarathna, Dean, Division of Yoga & Life-sciences, SVYASA
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