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Yoga for Back Pain

How does the prana imbalance select the target organ?

We have seen that chronic back ache is a manifestation of long study stress of, if you go through major stressfully demaning life sit situations.

Let us take the typical example of the pain in the neck and the back of a modern computer professional. A computer professional has all the three problems we have discussed earlier namely the sedentary life, wrong posture and the pressure of targets. The rapid pace of life demands the long hours work. An young energetic enthusiastic engineer in his twenties who is attracted by the big money that his job offers enters the company and sees that the others are smarter than him and are getting a big jump in their earnings once every three months. He is now faced with the challenge and decides to pushes himself up. The expectations both from his company and inner self push him into working long hours ignoring his sleep, food, and entertainment leave alone his own emotional needs. In this rush and joy of his achievements he moves on and on draining out his energies much beyond his capacity. Being young and proud of his own achievements his ego starts getting boosted up. He starts feeling oppressed and suppressed by the seniors. The suppressed reactions along with the speed of competitiveness persist as uncontrollable speed in the manomaya kosa. Not well trained in handling this speed he drains out his energies just to manage the demands of the situation. This results in increased irritability ,frustration ,indecisiveness etc. Over the next few months or years he starts getting low back pains which may pass off with rest in b ed for a few days. But this may come back and lead to chronic back pain.

Side Leg Raising


  • Lie down on the left side, with the head resting on the folded left arm.

  • Support the back of the neck with the left hand.

  • Place the right hand on the right thigh or in front of your chest.

  • Keep the whole body as straight as possible.

  • While inhaling slowly raise the right leg without bending the knee. Raise the leg as high as possible. Stretch out the toes.

  • While exhaling, slowly lower the right leg.

  • This is one round.

  • Repeat 5 times.

  • Repeat the same practice 5 times on the left side.


  • While raising the leg you can maintain the balance, by pressing the palm on the ground.

  • Feel the strong stimulation of the lateral stretch at the lumbar region.

  • In one round of practice, one provides a good stretch to the lumbar region

  • To balance the body is a little difficult in this practice try to get the balance by adjusting the position of the arm below the head.

  • For better effect, synchronize body movements with inhalation and exhalation.

This article has been written by Dr. R. Nagarathna, Dean, Division of Yoga & Life-sciences, SVYASA
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