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Yoga for Digestive Disorders

Peptic ulcer called now a days as Acid Peptic Disease (APD) is defined as inflammation of the inner lining of the stomach due to acid peptic digestion. In other words, there is a fight going on in the lining of the stomach against the irritation by H.pylori germs. The characteristic symptom of peptic ulcer is a burning type of pain in the upper abdomen that comes on in an empty stomach.

What causes Peptic Ulcer?

A strong family history of ulcer is found in most persons with ulcer. This family tendency fixes the target organ at the physical level (Annamaya kosa) to manifest the internal imbalance that started in mind (Manomaya and the Pranayama Kosa).

All the other causes mentioned in the list are the triggers. They cause an imbalance either by decreasing the protectors or increasing the aggressors. H.Pylori, is a bacterium, which lives on the surface of normal stomach as a harmless opportunist. When the defenses of the stomach lining are poor they start penetrating and enjoy the meal from the deeper layers of the stomach.


Sthiti: Prone Posture


  • Bend the knees and hold the ankles by the palms.

  • As you inhale, raise the head and the chest upwards. Pull the legs outwards and backwards so that the spine is arched back like a bow.

  • Stabilize (rest) on the abdomen.

  • Do not bend the elbows.

  • Look up.

  • Keep the toes together.

  • Rock the whole body forward and backward rhythmically 5 to 10 times.

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