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Yoga for arthritis

With the advances in technology as applied to the understanding of the disturbances at the molecular level we now have a huge fund of knowledge about the functional interrelationship between the brain, immune system, genes and all other organ systems of the body. This understanding has made us recognize the role of the mind over matter (the body) as well as the influence of cellular activities on the mind. There is an intricate feed back loop of connections that point out that many of these common disabling diseases of the joints can be traced to the life style, that triggers off the underlying family (genetic) tendencies.

Yoga with its holistic understanding of the human body mind complex provides a well developed program of practices to set right or correct these deep internal imbalances caused by the erratic life style.



Sthiti: Dandasana


  • Separate the legs by about a foot.

  • Bring the awareness to both feet.

  • Slowly rotate both feet from the ankles together in opposite directions.

  • The big toes touch each other on the inward stroke of each foot.

  • Repeat 10 rounds.

  • Change directions and repeat 10 rounds.

  • Practice with normal breathing.


  • Keep the heels in contact with the ground throughout the practice.

  • Do not allow the knees to bend.

  • This can also be done sitting in a chair or cot keeping the knees straight.

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