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Yoga for Digestive Disorders

Did yogis understand this concept and mechanism of psychosomatic ailments?

You may have noticed that the first thing that an Ayurveda yoga physician would like to correct when you have any chronic illness is the digestive system. He does it by cleansing, balancing and correcting the imbalances. This is because of the knowledge handed down by the ancient yogis who did experiments with their own inner bodily mechanisms through deep meditation and saw that the digestive system is the first target where the stress manifests. The yogis have given us vivid descriptions of how the psychological upsurges result in psychosomatic ailments. This understanding is of practical use for every sufferer of digestive problems, to correct oneself and return to normal health.


Sthiiti: Dandasana.


  • Bend the left leg underneath the right leg so that the heel of the left leg is touching the right buttock.

  • Bring the right leg over the top of the bent left leg so that the right heel touches the left buttock.

  • Adjust the right knee so that it is above the left knee.

  • Place the left arm behind the back and the right arm over the right shoulder.

  • The back of the left hand should lie in contact with the spine while the right palm rests against the spine.

  • Try to clasp the fingers of both hands behind the back.

  • Bring the raised elbow behind the head so that the head presses against the inside of the raised arm.

  • Hold the head, neck and spine erect.

  • Close the eyes.

  • Stay in this position for one minute.

  • Unclasp the hands, straighten the legs and repeat with the left knee uppermost and the left arm over the left shoulder.

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