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Yoga for Hypertesion and Heart Diseases

In what way does yoga help?

Since 1960s the researchers have shown (through short term and long term controlled studies) the beneficial effects of individual practices of yoga such as Savasana or Pranayama or meditation, practiced regularly for 20 to 30 minutes per day to reduce the blood pressure significantly in mild and labile hypertensive.When it comes to moderate or severe essential hypertension or CHD, the problem which was psychosomatic in nature seems to have moved on several steps ahead to cause organic changes resulting in coronary blockage (CHD) or permanent changes of arteries (hypertension). Hence yoga practices for 30 to 60 minutes in 24 hours without a total change in the approaches and attitudes may not correct the cardiac problems. Realizing this, life style change programmes have been advocated with remarkable changes in the state of health. The degree of blocks in the coronaries have reduced significantly after one year of life style change programs.


(Vrksa: tree posture)

Sthiti: Tadasana (with eyes open.)


  • Catch the right foot with the right hand and bring it up to press against the inner side of the left thigh, just above the level of the knee.

  • Stretch the arms above the head to Namaskara mudra.

  • Focus your vision at a point in front of you.

  • Maintain normal slow breathing for about one minute. Come down without over stretching.

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