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Yoga for Bronchial Asthma

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy technique corrects the problem from the most fundamental level. The corrections are sought from the innermost layer of our existence (Anandamaya kosa or the soul or the will - the master of the system). A total correction of the bodily disturbances is brought about by correcting the disturbances at the emotional, psychological and the vital energy levels. The integrated approach uses several techniques with an unique aim of reaching a state of total silence or calmness of mind or deep relaxation and rest.

  1. Yoga is a method to turn the mind inwards and achieve deeper and deeper internal awareness. "Awareness is half the solution to the problem". Hence, awareness helps to solve one's own internal psychological and emotional conflicts as in psychotherapy.

  2. The internal awareness helps to change the learnt conditioning and helps (like in behavior therapy) to change the pattern of psychological and physiological responses.

  3. Further, the internal awareness of the state of the bronchus provides a feedback to learn the art of relaxing one's own bronchus by auto-suggestions like in the case of bio-feedback where one masters the involuntary functions of the body.

  4. Yoga is a technique of unfolding the potential divinity within, so that the dormant capabilities are opened out consciously. Just like in hypnotherapy. Every man can tap his dormant capacities of altering his own physiology under the effect of a simple suggestion in the hypnotized state. Through yoga one does this consciously with self-mastery over such states of consciousness. This, of course, is achieved through the total cessation of internal dialogue of the mind as the great sages have done it. It is known that yogis in such state of deep inner poise can not only alter their physiology but can master the laws of nature (external too) as in siddhis.

  5. Yoga provides highly scientific and elaborate techniques of getting mastery over the life energy (Prana) that gives life to each and every cell of the body Pranayama corrects the disturbances in the flow of these energies that makes the various organs function efficiently. An attempt for correcting the vital energy flow disturbance has been tried in Homoeopathy and Ayurveda by drugs, by acupuncturists by stimulating certain points along the meridian of flow and by changing the orientation of the magnetic meridians of the body in magneto therapy. Yoga corrects the alterations in the prana flow by slowing down the pranic activity gently and cautiously. Once slowed down, the disturbances are set right automatically as the cause of the disturbed flow is believed to be excessive speed and thus wastage of vital energy in the organ that is diseased.

  6. Yoga enhances local relaxation and local tolerance too to relieve the bronchospasm and reduce the bronchial hyper-responsiveness. There are several examples as asthmatics in our group who learn to relax their bronchus during an attack of asthma without resorting to drugs. The deep relaxation reduces the panic element in an attack so that one can turn the mind inwards to relax their bronchus, during an attack. The relaxation of the voluntary muscles slowly extends to the involuntary muscles too.

Step 2 : Neck Muscles Relaxation with chair support in three stages


  1. Neck movement only (5 times)

    Slowly move the head forward adn backward relaxing the posterior neck muscles. You can either hold onto the edge of the echair or simply relax the arms forward head on the chair.

  2. Neck movement with breathing (5 times)

    Inhale as deeply and slowly as possible while moving the head backward and exhale while moving it forward - 5

  3. Neck movement with 'A-kara' (5 times)

    Chant 'A-kara' in a low tone while bending the neck forward.

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