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Yoga for Bronchial Asthma

'Creativity' and steadfastness - 'Will-power' are the twoaspects of mind which come under this head of personality development at mentallevel. It has been well recognized that creativity is the core of 'Arts' and 'Technology'.It has been seen that yogic practices enhance the creative power of man. Assuch, many musicians, poets, film artists, engineers and technologists have beenattracted to Yoga.

'Will Power' is an essential requirement for all persons to accomplish any work,however insignificant or great the task be. There is a fine Sloka in NitiSatakam describing three types of people:

Prarabhyate na vighna bhayena nicaih
Prarabhya vighna vihatah viramanti madhyah
Muhurmuhurapi pratihanyamanah,
Prarabdhamuttamajanah na parityajanti

(Niti Satakam)

Fearing possible obstacles and difficulties, the lowest donot start the work at-all. Having come to face with obstacles one after anotherthe middle type leave the work uncompleted. But best are they who reach out tocompletion of the task inspite of all odds and obstacles torturing and crushingthem all through.

Yoga, by its systematic and conscious process of calming down the mind, erasesthe weaknesses in the mind and builds will power into it. In such a mind, eachobstacle is conceived as a challenge and arouses tremendous energy to combat thesituation. Bravery becomes a part of the personality. Steadfast to the core,such a person takes up with marvelous sobriety the challenges in life andconverts them into opportunities for accomplishing his mission of curing theasthma.



Sthiti: Savasana


Phase I

  • Feel the abdominal movements. Observe the movements of abdominal muscles going up and down as you breathe in and out normally. Observe 5 cycles.

Phase II

  • Synchronize the abdominal movements with deep breathing. The abdomen bulges up with inhalation and sinks down with exhalation. Observe 5 cycles.

Phase III

  • As you inhale deeply and slowly, energize the body and feel the lightness. As you exhale completely collapse all the muscles, release the tension and enjoy the relaxation. Observe 5 cycles.

  • Chant 'AAA' in a low pitch while exhaling. Feel the vibrations in the lower parts of the body.

  • Slowly come up from either the right or the left side of the body.


  • Initially this Yoga Chair Breathing technique takes about 30 to 35 minutes. With practice the time required to about 20 minutes.

  • The patient is asked to use this technique, instead of Bronchodialators when an attack is about to come. With this technique he/she can learn to relax Bronchospasm effectively.

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