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Yoga for Pregnancy

25 years old lady came to the maternity Hospital severely dejected and feeling hopeless. She had a very bad obstetrical history (BOH), having had four unexplained abortions, all in the 1st trimester. All the investigations that were done on her were completely normal.

Stress history showed that her in-laws were angry with her for not being able to give them a grand child; they threatened her that they would get their son married again. She was almost on the verge of committing suicide.

She went from Doctor to Doctor hoping to get an answer she received certain symptomatic treatment and she conceived again. She was told to have complete bed rest by the treating obstetrician. She was extremely anxious. She even hesitated to walk, hesitated to do any kind of work - she was referred to us for IAYT. We counseled her with at most patience and compassion. Gradually she was able to do a few loosening exercises and Pranayama, deep relaxation techniques and omkara meditation. Group practice made her feel more confident. She learnt to understand her in-laws and their emotions.

Gradually she learnt many of the asanas and came regularly to the yoga classes. Her husband helped her in every way - she had to be admitted 3 times before delivery for transfusion and intra venous fluids. She was investigated regularly ultrasound scans and clinical evaluation.

There was mild degree of IUGR; it was a normal delivery and the baby weighed2.25Kg, very active and alert.

The whole family rejoiced so much and were very grateful to the obstetrician and Yoga teacher for giving her all the necessary encouragement and confident.

Supine Postures

Viparita Karani (Modified)

It is also called as Relaxation, Feet Raised

Technique :

Begin by lying on the ground, legs raised, knees bent, feet against the wall, buttocks 30-40 cms away from it. Do not bring the thighs too near the abdomen, for this will block blood circulation in the groin region.

Make sure the back, neck and head are in a straight line, with the chin slightly lowered in order to avoid arching the neck and tightening the cervical vertebrae.

Keep the arms at a slight distance from the trunk, if possible with the palms if the hands turned upward, thus resting the shoulder blades properly on the ground.

Before relaxing spend a few seconds straightening the shoulders as if to fix them to the ground.

Benefits : This is very beneficial to people with a bad posture, i.e. hollowed chest and stooping shoulders. To remedy an overly arched small of the back, press at the same time the lumbar region against the ground, a movement which is helped by the raised position of the feet. Having thus stretched the neck and the back, close the eyes and relax completely.

This relaxation exercise refreshes the back, small of the back, and legs. It helps decongest swollen ankles and feet, and relieves varicose veins.

Prone Asanas are avoided during Pregnancy

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