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Yoga for Pregnancy

The Story of Abhimanyu

Abhimanyu, the great warrior was the son of Arjuna. Subhadra the sister of Lord Krishna was his mother. While she was taken to her mother's place when she was pregnant, Lord Krishna told the story of the fighting skills of Arjuna to Subhadra. Abhimanyu still in the womb listened to Krishna's narration and became the greatest hero who could enter the chakravyuha during the Mahabharatha war but could not come out as he had slept away during the latter part of the narration and was killed by the Kowravas.

The Story of Prahlada

The father of Prahlada, Hiranyakashipu, was a demonic dictator, a tyrant who suppressed all the natural freedom of his people, especially their freedom to worship. While carrying Prahlada, his mother left the court of her husband and passed her confinement in the ashram of the sage Narada who instructed her in the spiritual truths and the special glories of Lord Vishnu. Prahlada, though still in the womb, also shared in this initiation, and even in the face of his father's fury, he was a staunch devotee of Lord Vishnu from early childhood. Prahlada's devotion to Sri Hari endowed him with such inner strength that he became instrumental in the overthrow of his father's tyranny and later attained the highest realization.

The Story of Astavakra

In Mahabharatha the legend of Astavakra is fascinating and vivid. When Astavakrawas in the womb of Sujata, his father, Kahor, a mighty student of the Vedas, used to read aloud the sacred Mandala-s, each day late into the nights. The unborn genius, even from the womb, suddenly cried out! Father, through your grace I have already learned all the Veda-s, even while I am in my mother's womb. But I am sorry to say that you often make mistakes in your recitation. "Enraged by this grave insult, the father cursed his son, and the boy was therefore born deformed with eight curvatures in his anatomy.

Hence he was born with severe abnormalities but had learnt all the scriptures. His teachings to Raja-Rsi, Janaka has become 'The Gita of Astavakra'.

Tales such as these are age-old reminders of the importance of blessing and gracing our children even before they enter the world.

Asvini Mudra

It is also called Horse-Anus Gesture

  1. Sit erect in Padmasana. Exhale.

  2. Hold the breath and pull up the anus by contracting the sphincter; hold for about 10 seconds and inhale.

  3. Release the anus

  4. Release this rhythmically about 10 to 30 times.

Benefits : This Mudra is useful in evoking the spiritual forces dormant in the lower centers. Useful for pregnant women, and in curing urinary and anal incontinence. Asvini Mudra done in Viparitakarani posture is useful in treating piles and prolapsed uterus.

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