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Yoga for Headache (Migraine)

Although it has taken a long time to show up as headache, it now goes on almost as an instantaneous response of the body for any small trigger to manifest as a headache. Thus headache is a bad habit of the nervous system that results in the chemical imbalance.

When you wish to correct this pattern of response you need to develop a new habit of functioning. Yoga trains you into a totally different life style free from all stresses and responses of speed. It is a training to calm down the mind. It gives stability of the mind so that even if there are several triggering factors one may not react. Yoga is "samatvam' which means that you develop a capacity to be balanced under all circumstances. There occurs a balance between all the chemical and nervous functions of the body. Yoga is also freedom. You develop the capacity to react or not to react or react otherwise in any situation that would provoke emotional turmoil. With yoga training you can chose to get angry or anxious as a master and not as a slave.

The Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy for Migraine consists of one hour daily practice that includes about half an hour of physical practices followed by Pranayama and Nadanusandhana. All these practices are designed to provide very deep rest to the body mind complex and reverse the negative habit of triggering the chemical imbalance resulting in migraine.

STAGE - II: (Rolling to the right & left)


Sthiti :
Same as Stage - 1 except that instead of the top of the head you place the forehead on the floor. Inhale.


  • While exhaling roll the head to the right as far as comfortable, may be up to the ear touching the ground. Hold for a while.

  • Then, while inhaling roll the head back to the center (i.e., on to the forehead)

  • Again while exhaling roll the head to the left as far as comfortable almost up to the ear touching the ground. Hold for a while.

  • While inhaling, roll the head back until you are back on the forehead. This is one round.

  • Rock the head sideways to the right and then to the left slowly in this manner 5 times.
    (Imagine the headband a player with long hair uses while playing. your movements to the right and left should be along that imaginary band).

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