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Yoga for Headache (Migraine)

There are several other techniques in yoga that help you to relax these muscles. Fast breathing practices, such as kapalabharti followed by very slow breathing (slower than your usual resting breathing rate) also is a very good tool to relax the muscles all over the body in general and those of the forehead in particular.

Chanting 'MMM' or Bhramari pranayama with both external ears closed using the thumb of both hands also is another very useful trick to rest and relax the scalp muscles. This works through slowing down the mind. When you start enjoying the deep internal massaging effect of the resonance of the sound in the entire head, you can feel the tension getting released.

After this lady who came with constant tension head aches of 8 to 10yrs duration started doing these practices of integrated approach of yoga therapy, on the 7thday she exclaimed and said, "Oh! Today I had one full hour of freedom from my headache. I can make out how my practices are helping me release the tension. "As the days went by, her pain vanished completely with regular practice of headache special techniques, one hour daily for about 3 to 4 months. This gave her so much of confidence that she is now a trained yoga therapist helping many persons with various stress related health problems. Last week when I met her she said "doctor, I just realize that my entire problem was because I was expecting too much from my family members. It was all me! In fact I now realize how much my partner was putting up with my idiosyncrasies and trying to meet my demands. I am now a more mature mother than before. I can give instead of 'demand'. This is what yoga has taught me, I have become much softer inside, less demanding, not at all irritated by situations and of course I enjoy the freedom from my headache which is long forgotten."

STAGE - IV: (Star movement)

Same as in Stage - II & III, i.e., you are ion the forehead.


  • While breathing normally, roll the head on the floor trying to draw a star.

  • The movement should be slow and gentle

  • Do this movement for five times

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