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Yoga For Obesity

In the present day competitive world where every one is racing with time it becomes almost impossible to find time for exercise. Many a times even if you find time laziness takes over. Again it is all in the mind and hence yoga gives the necessary will power to adhere to the regularity of exercise which is very essential for a steady maintenance of the weight.

Yoga understands that obesity is also a problem that starts in the manomaya kosha just like many other adhija vyadhis that we have seen. This results in excessively speeded up activity first in the manomaya kosha in the form of cravings or laziness or suppressed intense loop of worry during depression. This results in disturbed prana that shows up as imbalance of the rhythm and rate of breathing. This may also show as excessive dominance of left nostril breathing. When w try to correct the problem we make note of these facts and work at all the kosha to bring about balance through deep rest and relaxation and activation of the energy expenditure channels.

The set of practices for one hour should include 30 to 40 minutes of physical practices selected to bring about stretching followed by relaxation of different parts of the body so that fat can be mobilized and used up for the additional extra work during walking or any other vigorous exercises. In other words one needs to practice any other physical activity like walking or jogging or sports in addition to the practice of asanas to get the full benefit of the program. Yoga basically helps in overcoming the tension and laziness.


a. Starting Position Sthithi: Prone


  • Inhale and simultaneously raise the trunk, head, the stretched out arms and legs off the ground keeping the legs and the arms straight.

  • The body is supported on the abdomen only. This position looks like a boat.

  • Exhale return to sthiti

  • This completes one round. Continue ten rounds.

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