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Yoga and Memory

Yoga Methods

An integrated approach of yoga (which acts at different sheaths of existence) is necessary for the holistic memory. A variety of yoga techniques are available, which when practiced regularly, bring about the described changes in memory.

Techniques for highest memory development (Anandamaya Kosa)

Jnana or the wisdom of discrimination with an understanding of the totally is the most important adjunct to memory development at Anandamaya Kosa level. The highest memory development involves being able to retain that wisdom, to maintain a continuous stream of awareness at all points of time and under all situations, and to be in tune with creation. For the most elevated the memory of Atma abounds to such an extent that they never loose aware ness of that Ananda, a state of total expansiveness and blissful awareness, a state of SILENCE within.

That is the highest or the most holistic memory achievement. To the extent that such maters become embodied with bliss itself (Anandamaya Kosa). A periodic dip into this oceanic memory of bliss is the enlivening nectar of all our lives, even the most mundane, says the Taittirely Upanishad.

Memory development at Intellectual level (Vijnanamaya Kosa)

When the mind gets overwhelmed by light tejas (inner light), then dreams are no longer seen. Then there is a surge of happiness.

At the level of intellect memory development involves a process of feedback from the intellect with more and more comprehensive understanding of nature, world, Creation and their associated laws. For example, scientists enlarged their vision from classical to quantum mechanics in the process of understanding. The memory of this knowledge changed the earlier wisdom of Newton's laws of motion. Upanishadic wisdom with a knowledge base of the whole creation will replace the memory of the knowledge of quantum physics, to enlarge vision further. That is the memory of the Vijnanamaya Kosa.

The technique for memory development at this stage is the Jnana yoga triplet Sravana-manana-nididyasana. Hearing (or reading) about the higher and more comprehensive perspectives of the whole creation - analyzing the same through logic with an open mind without prejudices, disbelief or blind belief as a true scientists and - experimenting through examination, intense search within finding the root of all thoughts are staying between two thoughts. Or asking the question "who am I" this is the search of a scientist. The result of this is a sudden opening members, an activation of the dormant knowledge hidden within.

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