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Yoga and Memory

Memory development at Manomaya Kosa level

i. Mind Level

The mind is a collection of thoughts. Unconnected thoughts called can calata and a random, haphazard mind-set is the basis for deterioration. The first step in gaining mastery over the mind is to systematically train to develop the power of concentration to think about a given subject. All thoughts in the mind get channelized in concentration. This is the work of the intellect. The next step of concentration is Dharana focusing of the mind on a single thought. Effortless dharana is dhyana, meditation. All these stages, dharana, dhyana and its next step Samadhi (super consciousness, merger of triputi, the seer-seen-process of seeing) help in developing the memory at the mental level.

There is a basic different between memory development techniques at intellectual and mind levels. In the former, understanding is the key to memory. At mind level, memorization takes place through dwelling on a single thought by repetition of the same thought several times and by relaxed, effortless process of dhyana.

In one could get into Samadhi voluntarily, photographic memory could the be the result. After Samadhi is the process of Samyama by performing Samyama a triplet of Dharana-Dhyana-Samadhi. Patanjali mentions that one can unravel the knowledge hidden deep within the subtler layers of the memory.

Techniques of yoga include various techniques of meditation -Transcendental meditation, meditation on OM, on Yoga Nidra, Trataka to help in Dharana and Dhyana leading to Samadhi. Yoga games and songs help in enhancing the memory at this level.

Breathing practices and pranayama techniques are use dextensively to develop memory. Kapalabhati, sectional breathing and various types of pranayama help in improving the memory.

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