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Yoga for Arthritis

He went home with great joy only to come back after 4 weeks with a bad recurrence. His joints were again inflamed with much pain and stiffness. Mr. Jayaram said that "Dr. I have come back; but, I am now very clear in my mind as to how and why my joints flare up. This time I have come to work at my Manomaya Kosa. I improved last time under your guidance.

But when I went back home all my problems converged on me and the disease came back. I could literally feel how my mind would get lost in my fears, then disturb my breathing; I lost my confidence and the mastery over my mind and ended up in this flare up of my arthritis. I have to now listen to yoga concepts more carefully, culture my mind, work at the vijnanamaya and anandamaya Kosa; I shall do it"; And he did it.



Sthiti: Tadasana


  • Stretch your arms straight in front of the chest at shoulder level, keeping them parallel to the ground.

  • Make tight fists of your hands (palms facing down).

  • Now, move the fists up and down vigorously from the wrists.

  • Repeat 10 rounds.

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