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Yoga for Arthritis

Anandamaya Kosa Practices

Karmayoga is the trick to remain in Anandamaya Kosa. The art of working in relaxation, work with an attitude of yajna (offering to Divine), working without worrying about the results of action, working with a sense of duty, living in the present, working in tune with the universal principle ; recognizing that you are basically made of the universal stuff called Ananda from which the entire universe has emerged; that all pain and suffering, losses, and gains in business, name, fame and money including this physical body are all ephemeral; that they all come and go and 'you' are the ever lasting, unchanging, ever blissful, imperishable entity. Scriptures proclaim thus



Sthiti: Tadasana


  • Stretch the arms sideways at shoulder level with palms facing downwards

  • Bend the elbows and spread out and stretch all the fingures.

  • Bring the palms near the chest.

  • Now, move the palms up and down vigorously from the wrist.

  • Feel the strong tightness and stretch in the fingures and palms.

  • Normal breathing

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