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Yoga And Hyperacidity

The abdomen is called the magic box of the body. All is well but suddenly like the bolt from the blue, how it may strike a cruel blow which we may not be able to anticipate .One fine day you may experience pain and burning sensation in the stomach which may spread upwards to the throat there may be mild nausea, pain and distension all this may be due to unregulated and excessive production of hydrochloric acid which corrodes the inner lining of stomach and also the lower ends of esophagus.

This may lead to peptic ulceration the pain and the condition is aggravated by rich spicy diet alcohol and smoking

The medical science and yoga are in accordance in recognizing peptic ulcer as psychosomatic disease. The lining of the stomach is extremely sensitive and is recorder of our emotional status. It blanches during fearful or threatening situation and blushes red when one is in rage and anger. Emotional tension and psychic stress factors are related to the digestive organ and gland via the sympathetic (solar plexus) and parasympathetic (vagus ) nerve path way.

Frequent irritation and stimulation of the mucosal lining results in excess release of hydrochloric acid, which irritates & scars the lining giving rise to auto-digestion which rise to corrosion & peptic ulceration.

Growing worries fear, & constant gastric acid secretion & turning over of the stomach, which causes the damaging effects which decreases the quality of life.

The yogic traditional understanding of the concept & mechanism of psychosomatic ailments is through the 5 layered human existence.

The problem of psychosomatic or stress induced disorders, begin in the manomaya kosa or the mental body. The long standing uncontrolled surges of likes & dislikes which cannot be mended by the directives from vijnanamaya kosa (intellectual level) percolate into the pranamaya kosa (the vital energy body). The prana or energy layer becomes disturbed & violent, resulting in irregularities, manifesting as disturbed functions in the anandamaya or gross body. Some yogic practices which Provides therapeutic relief & cure.

Asanas: -

  1. Padahastasana

  2. Parivritta Trikosana

  3. Gomukhasana

  4. Bhunjangasana

  5. Viprita karni

  6. Urdhva Dhanurasana

Pranayama: -

  1. Sectional breathing

  2. Nadi suddhi

  3. Sitali & Sitkari

Kriya: -

  1. Vaman dhouti with deep relaxation

  2. Laghu shankhaprakshalana with deep relaxation

Meditation: -

  1. Nadanusandhana

  2. OM meditation

Ramesh was a thin man, easily irritated & restless came arogyadhama, Health Home, in Prashanti Kutiram, Jigni, Bangalore with complaints of upper abdomen pain, bloated feeling& loss of appetite, occasional vomiting. He was diagnosed to have Acid Peptic Disorder. He had tried a lot of medications & therapies. He had also tried Ayurvedic medicines & fasting. He hardly found much relief. He was encouraged to go through the Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy, special techniques for Gastro Intestinal Disorders& especially for Hyperacidity. After the first week he started feeling better, his appetite improved & he became more determined. At the end of the 2nd week, he was very confident, his gastric pains had almost ceased. He was off medications and he returned home a happy man, resolving to carry on the yoga practices regularly.

This article has been written by Dr. R. Nagarathna, Dean, Division of Yoga & Life-sciences, SVYASA
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