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Yoga & Swine Flu

By Arun Goel

It's back... A brand new Flu virus - this time as the Swine flu!

It's amazing why people don't get it. Why wait for the umpteenth mutation to catch up with us before acting upon it?

Yoga has always held that one can make their bodies resistant to withstand the onslaught of multifarious disorders. The solution lies in prevention instead of the cure.

When looked at this way, the answers are almost invariably the same. More importantly, they are quite simple. All it requires is a `prevention mindset' and a little discipline to adhere to it.

The fact is that there is no other way. The same principle holds true for all things. Just as a nation builds up its intelligence to PREVENT terrorist attacks, we must build up our natural defenses to detect intrusions & foil them `before' they get a chance to breed, fester and multiply within our system.

It must always be remembered, that viruses don't cause the disease immediately; they enter; breed using our weak defenses (rendered weak by accumulation of toxins and improper cleaning). Their rapid multiplication then gives them the strength to overcome the good immune cells. It is only then that we catch the disease.

Yoga has several cleansing techniques to keep our defenses primed up from INSIDE. When the immune system is alert & kicking, there is little to fear external viruses. You can read about these cleansing techniques in the free e-report that you get when you subscribe to our free newsletter.

Nasal cleansing, also called Neti is a wonderful way to build up our natural defenses. What's more, it's had wonderful results in treating sinus infections and other ENT disorders. To read the special relevance of Neti in the time of this new Swine virus, click here to read the article.

Enemas are another good way of detoxification by cleansing the colon of toxins and relieving the immune cells of the unnecessary load and leaving them ready to fight external threats.

Adopting regular Yoga Cleansing practices not only help us ward off unending external threats, but keep us invigorated and cheerful.

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