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Caution for Mothers to be

  • Be careful while lifting / handling things.
    There is a hormonal turbulence in your body. You are more susceptible to injury and this can adversely affect your tendons and ligaments. Risk increases with the progress of your pregnancy.
  • Avoid exposure to pesticides, hazardous gases and other toxics.
    These may harm both the mother and the growing fetus especially lead ,mercury and arsenic. Excessive exposure may result in stunted fetal development and in certain cases, may even prove fatal.
  • Avoid exposure to radiations.
    Exposure to radio-active materials, solar eclipse etc. The radiations emitted endanger the life of both the mother & child and sometimes result in malformations in the baby. Congenital fetal defects are also a possible result.
  • Avoid excessive intake of stimulants.
    Avoid consuming large amounts of coffee (caffeine). This may make calcium unavailable to the baby. Taking a lot of carbonated beverages may also make you feel very full & in the process make you consume less nutritive foods.
  • Avoid long exposure to loud noise.

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