Meditation brings with it an incredible awareness which works at a very subtle level.

Meditation will help you explore your inner self; establish that connection with your child that is impossible to explain.

It creates a phenomenal understanding of you and you alone. It puts you in tune with your baby.
  • For therapeutic purposes, meditation can help to resolve the deepest of neuroses, fears and conflicts which are a major cause for stress and ill-health.
  • Mantra Japa meditation is a very effective form of meditation where a certain sound is repeated a number of times to have a remarkably soothing and subtle impact on your consciousness. It has an extremely positive effect on your senses and on the developing fetus.
  • Mantra literally means �that which liberates the mind�. Ancient yogis discovered certain ways of developing and controlling the mind by using sounds, both aloud as well as mental.
�Women�s health and Pregnancy� is a company by a powerful tape for guided mantra meditation. It uses the powerful mantra of �So-hum� which will see you crossing barriers to experience a remarkable feeling of quiet and fulfillment.

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