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Why menopause Herbally?

For women approaching menopause today we see a Drastic Imbalance in estrogen to progesterone levels.

Our estrogen and progesterone production naturally decreases as we age. Modern women, however, are experiencing a Complete Cessation of progesterone production. Women, then, experience the symptoms of menopause or estrogen dominance.

While we are being bombarded with estrogens from our environment AND being fed it in our foods, surprisingly, doctors are prescribing we take Even More estrogen without considering the lack of progesterone. Due to this imbalance, there has been an alarming Increase in estrogen induced breast cancer.

Why, then, do medical doctors continue to prescribe estrogen to menopausal women?

The danger of hormonal and chemical-based treatments

HRT, or hormone replacement therapy, has been exposed for what it truly is. These drugs are a dangerous way for women to attempt to balance hormones during the menopausal years. Not only is HRT dangerous, the most popular form of this drug: Premarin, is a horribly cruel product (cruel also to the animals in the way it is extracted).

And don't be persuaded that it is only the combo, estrogen/progestin, product that is dangerous. The combination was created when the original form, estrogen only, was causing so many cases of uterine and breast cancer in the 70's. Nor should you be convinced that short-term use is okay. There are several cases of those who have had problems, serious problems, after using these products for two years or less.

The Right Way

Yes our hormone production decreases as we age just like the other functions of our bodies. However, women continue to produce some estrogen if they have not had a hysterectomy. It is our progesterone levels, which drop dramatically to zero. Progesterone is known as our "master hormone" and assists in balancing our other sex hormones. Without an adequate amount of progesterone in our systems, it is impossible to maintain hormone balance.

Therefore the need is to bring the balance back in the system. Supplementation with a herbal wild yam cream, like MoonMaid Botanicals Pro-Meno, will assist the body in balancing hormone production. To read details about the product and how it works, Click here.

Relieve your symptoms of menopause and PMS �naturally!!

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