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Pranayama ...Various Styles

Types of Pranayama

Warning : Pranayama must be learnt under expert guidance and after consultation from your physician.


Sukha Pranayama (VictoriousBreath)

Kapalbhati(Cleansing Breath)

Bhastrika(Bellows Breath)

Sheetali(Cooling Breath)

Bhramari(Bee Breath)

NadiShodhan(Alternate nostril Breath)

How to do ?

Keep the palms on the knees and observe your … More

Sit erect. Exhale through both nostrils, contracting the…More

Sit erect. Keep the left hand on the left knee in Gyan …More

Sit erect. Keep both palms on the knees in Gyan Mudra …More

Sit erect. Inhale slowly and deeply through the nose...More

Sit erect. Close the right nostril with the right thumb…More

What good it does ?

Provides deep relaxation to the mind and body. Improves… More

Cleans capillaries of the remotest part of the body….More

Very good for the respiratory system including the…More

Good for liver , spleen, and is a good blood purifier…More

Promotes a clear voice and is recommended for singers…More

Cleanses and tones up entire nervous system…More


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