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Womanhood - "Fertility and its management"

To help you appreciate the level of understanding and knowledge that goes behind this book, examine the following aspects, which deal with the evolving aspect of womanhood:
"Mother As First Guru" explains the woman's fertility cycle in its entirety including the anatomy and physiology - which is often thought of as "dirty, messy and inconvenient".

It helps educate on what is happening inside by developing awareness.

It deals with various reproductive disorders and shows how to handle them by yourself through appropriate yoga programs - disorders such as PMS, irregular cycles, ovarian cysts, STDs, painful conditions and much much more�.

This learning material also helps you resolve conception difficulties both physically and psychologically.
Fertility and its management
It is a remarkable guide to help a mother prepare her daughter for womanhood, which is so essential in this era of unwanted pregnancies. It enables the daughter to be well informed when she is sexually active and helps her make the right decisions on contraception.

The book teaches the natural method of fertility management. This will enable you to decide the time of conception and contraception through holistic, non-invasive and non-medicinal procedures.

Contraception issues are dealt with and how the different methods work. It shows how contraception becomes unnecessary when you understand your fertility cycle.

It describes in 6 easy steps on "What to do in the event of an unplanned pregnancy".

The Hard Copy version of this book is now available!
" Special Arrangement :
To see whether this �Bible� lives up to your expectations, we have made a special arrangement for FREE Online reading of the Book 1 only. Book 2 relating to comprehensive Yoga Practices as well as the Audio Instructional practices are only available with your purchase.

To access Online Reading of Book-I, please Click Here
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