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Handwoven Yoga Mats
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Yoga Mats For Pregnancy
  • Completely Handwoven
  • No latex or PVC
  • Cotton & Rayon weaves
  • Suitable for gentle, relaxation yoga
  • Superior comfort and absorbence
  • Larger Size 72” * 24”
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Yoga routines during pregnancy get modified considerably as you proceed from one trimester to the next. As a rule, yoga exercises should be Gentler and greater care should be taken Not to Overstretch or overdo any yoga position.

Moreover, effective yoga in pregnancy must incorporate meditation and relaxation for your health and the proper nourishment, health and growth o the fetus.

Accordingly, your yoga mat should be a 3-in-1, one which allows you to do exercises, meditation, breathing and relaxation with equal comfort. For this, it is important that it makes you feel comfortable and 'snug' as opposed to sticky while performing these different yoga techniques.

The hand-woven 3-in-1 yoga mat is specifically designed for gentler and also pregnancy oriented yoga routines. Its features include:
  • Specifically designed for Total yoga - exercises (asanas), meditation AND relaxation.
  • Superior Comfort with Excellent Absorbent quality. Somehow, nobody really likes the feeling of lying on latex or foam mats.
  • Unique Hand-woven “twin-textured” Pattern: One side is hand woven with regular Cotton Yarn to provide good grip with enhanced moisture absorbance. The reverse side is woven with extra soft rayon-chenille, to make meditation and relaxation poses delightfully comfortable. Such a weave pattern ensures a complete yoga session including meditation and relaxation.
  • Completely "Hand-Woven": A produce of the finest handlooms in the world, this yoga mat is designed with prominent weaves to enhance looks and performance.
  • Aesthetic Beauty : We won't be lying when we say that these mats would definitely "raise eyebrows" even when they adorn your home flooring.
  • Color : Available in sage green, one of the most soothing colors to the eye and mind.
  • Soft Edges, hemmed in uniquely so that you don't feel them as you ease yourself.
Price: These unique pregnancy yoga mats are specially priced at Rs. 825.00 – a real bargain for the only 3-in-1 tool that you will ever find.

PLUS: They are backed by the famous “Health and Yoga” guarantee.

If you feel dissatisfied with the “3-in-1” mat for ANY reason, just let us know and we'll gladly refund you the entire amount !!

(Available in Sage Green Color )

Unique Hand-woven “twin-textured” pattern
Completely “Hand-Woven
" I am very pleased with my handwoven yoga mat. It is much more comfortable than foam mats. I have already recommended it to many of my friends who absolutely hate foam mats. Thank you for making yoga a little easier and more pleasant for me, and I'm sure for other people "
Sarah Z. Zanon, Reedsburg, Wisconsin
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Handwoven Yoga Mats Mats USD$ 28.95
Handwoven Yoga Mats
Handwoven Yoga Mats

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