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Yoga For Pregnancy
    Yoga For Pregnancy  
Yoga For Pregnancy
  • Authored by a neonatologist and a child specialist
  • Useful guidelines & adaptations to Pregnancy
  • Focus on the Stress aspects of Pregnancy
  • Guidance on Pregnancy Complications
  • Comprehensive set of modified yoga practices
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Yoga for Pregnancy has been authored by Dr. Shamanthakamani Narendran, MD (Paed), D.C.H. (Lond) in association with Dr.R.Nagarathna, MD, FRCP, Dean, Division of Yoga and Life Sciences and Dr. HR Nagendra, ME, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor sVYASA.

Being a neonatologist and a child specialist, she was always touched by the anxiety and fear that the mother goes through during pregnancy and child birth. She knew that yoga therapy has been tried in almost all the stress related conditions with remarkable benefits. So far, no studies have been undertaken to prove the safety and usefulness of yoga practices in pregnancy.

She thought that this is her greatest opportunity to take up a research study and prove scientifically that yoga can reduce the stress in pregnancy and improve the outcome, giving the joy of a normal healthy new born. There are already very encouraging results and the full research paper on the “Efficacy of Integrated Approach of Yoga on the Outcome of Pregnancy” is soon to be published.

The book ‘Yoga and Pregnancy’ provides useful guidelines for pregnant women, gives information about anatomical, physiological changes and adaptations to pregnancy and also any complications that can arise such as Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH), Intra Uterine Growth Retardation (IUGR), Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM), etc. It gives a comprehensive knowledge of a modified set of yoga practices that can be practiced throughout pregnancy including Asanas, Pranayama (breathing techniques), Meditation techniques, Relaxation techniques, Mudras and Bandhas. There are some interesting mythological stories from the ancient Indian Vedic texts.

Through the book, the author makes it quite clear, that Asanas (Yoga exercises or positions) are a very small part of the entire integrated practices. It is to calm down the mind and allay the fears and anxiety about pregnancy that yoga emphasizes.

In the book is a complete descriptions of Asanas, regulated breathing (Pranayama) and relaxation techniques profusely illustrated, which pregnant women can do throughout their pregnancy right up to delivery.

The key message that this book gives is that yoga practices are safe, effective, beneficial and help in an easy delivery.
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Yoga For Pregnancy
Yoga For Pregnancy
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