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Cotton Stockinette
    Cotton Stockinette   Cotton Stockinette   Cotton Stockinette   Cotton Stockinette  
Cotton Stockinette
  • Made of breathable, unbleached, knitted cotton. Use as a removable, washable liner under splints or casts.
  • The product comes in two variations 5*3 (meter*inch) and 5*4(meter*inch),to be used for both hand and leg cast.
  • Stretches up to four times its normal width to conform to the body.
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Cotton made stockinette is 100% high-quality padding material that is ideal for a thin comfortable layer between the skin and splint or cast. The cotton bandage is perfect for reducing irritation and providing a padded and comfortable layer for the skin during splinting and cast fabrication.

The product comes in two Variations 5*3 (meter*inch) and 5*4(meter*inch) for all body types. It’s a latex-free material which is ideal for those with latex sensitivities. The stockinette helps to hold the plaster in place along with prevents germ build up inside for an irritation free experience.

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Cotton Stockinette 3 Inch Cotton Stockinette USD$ 12.95
Cotton Stockinette 4 Inch Cotton Stockinette 4 Inch USD$ 13.95
Cotton Stockinette
Cotton Stockinette
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