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Leg Cast Protector
    Leg Cast Protector   Leg Cast Protector   Leg Cast Protector   Leg Cast Protector  
Leg Cast Protector
  • Watertight design allows patients to shower without water seepage and leakage. Prevents cast and bandage replacement and also prevents infection from moisture exposure
  • Comes in two sizes – ANKLE & LEG; one longer of approximately length 24 inches that covers adult’s half leg and diameter of tight seal ring 8” and the other shorter one of length 13 inches and diameter of ring 8” that covers foot and ankle
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Cast Protector is a reusable waterproof plastic covering that keeps casts, bandages and dressings dry during bathing and showering. The synthetic rubber diaphragm protects against water penetration while taking showers. Protects casts, bandages, burns and abrasions. It also improves hygiene by protecting the cast from dust or other pollutants thus increases the life of cast and prevents re-casts.

It is made of PVC, rubber and poly propylene that makes it highly durable and resistant to abrasion. It comes with a rigid ring and a stretchable diaphragm to form an automatic water seal and accommodate any size casted leg. The anatomical shape allows free foot movement and easy pull on application. The body of the cast is flexible and non-porous to prevent knots, ties, accumulation of pollutants and water retention.

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Ankle Cast Protector Ankle Cast Protector USD$ 14.95
Half Leg Cast Protector Half Leg Cast Protector USD$ 17.95
Leg Cast Protector
Leg Cast Protector
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