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Massage Roller Large
    Massage Roller Large   Massager Roller Small   Acupressure Finger Ring   Head Massager  
Arm and Leg Muscle Relaxant and Massager
  • Inexpensive yet extremely effective massage tools
  • Special tools for head, arm & leg muscles as well as finger nerves
  • Improve blood circulation & release energy blocks
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Choose hand rollers for a relaxing arm and leg massage.

OR Use the head massager with pumping (up nad down) action on your scalp for an invigorating feel.

Glide the acupressure ring up and down your fingers for stimulating the nerve endings.

These hand held tools are effective implements to keep your body primed up and invigorated.

Such stimulation releases energy blocks and have a deep relaxing effect.

Item Photos Price
Massage Roller Large Massage Roller Large USD$ 5.95
Massage Roller Small Massage Roller Small USD$ 4.95
Head Massager Head Massager USD$ 11.23
Acupressure Finger Ring Acupressure Finger Ring USD$ 2.95
Acupressure Massage
Acupressure Massage And Stimulating Tools
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