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Ankle Sleeves
    Reversible Ankle Sleeves   Reversible Ankle Sleeves Pair   Ankle Pair   Reversible Pair  
Reversible Ankle Sleeves - Pair
  • Ankle Sleeve: Snug Fit yet flexible to move comfortably without any cramping of movement.
  • Exerts adequate compression for proper healing; Can be worn under Footwear.
  • Relaxes muscles with Firm support without slipping and rolling at the joints; Comes in a Pair.
  • Seamless Sleeves; Reversible for Left &Right leg; Requires mild Hand wash in cool water.
  • Unisex; 4 Sizes: Small(9-10inch) Medium(10-11inch) Large(11-12inch) & Extra-Large(12-13inch).
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The Ankle brace or sleeve is very helpful to heal joint pain near ankles or inflamation. This wisely designed ankle support reaches out and embraces the weak and sore muscles providing a firm support to them. This product compresses the muscles and joint with extreme compression giving supreme comfort. Without any unpleasant feeling the product can be worn for several hours. The sleeves are reversible to wear on left and right legs.

This product is unisex and measurements are same for both. Be careful while selecting the size for yourself. Just measure the widest portion of the ankle and select accordingly. Choose the proper fit for quality results.

The sleeves need to be hand washed with cool water and mild detergent. Rinse and Air dry. Do not use machines, bleach or softeners.

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Reversible Ankle Sleeves - Pair Reversible Ankle Sleeves USD$ 11.25
Reversible Ankle Sleeves - Pair
Reversible Ankle Sleeves
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