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Anti Slip Gripper Gloves
    Anti Gripper Gloves   Anti Slip Gripper   Slip Gripper Gloves   Slip Gripper Gloves  
Anti-Slip Gripper Gloves
  • Pair of Gripper Gloves: Made of Microfiber Lycra with Anti-Slip Latice, 4 Fingers Fit
  • Blue Silicone Lattice: gives Grip to hold the weights & equipments without slipping
  • Unisex, Suitable with Palm Width: 3.5 to 4.0 inch; Easy to wash & dry; High durability
  • Works as a Callus Guard; protects fingers from injuries; suitable gym work-out gloves
  • Lightweight; Breathable Secures knuckles and callous area while allowing finger movement
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Anti-Slip gripper glove make working-out easy and convenient. It’s lattice allows us to hold the weights and other gym or weight-lifting equipments without making it slippery to hold. Ithelps retain softness of the palm and fingers It absorbs sweat, while leaving fingers relaxed and odorless.

This gripper glove is made of Micro fiber lycra which is soft on the finger and fist. It fits perfectly and allows fingers to move independently. It does not hinder the motion and makes the movement more effective.

Available size of the Glove is strictly suitable for those who have palms width between 3.5 inches to 4 inches. Gripper glove is a very effective callus protector. It does not allow thickening of skin of the fist or fingers. It is essential to use these gloves while lifting weights, cross training or other rigorous work outs to maintain your practice injury free.

It is easy to wash and dries quickly.

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Anti-Slip Gripper Gloves Anti Slip Gripper Gloves USD$ 13.95
Anti Slip Gripper Gloves
Anti-Slip Gripper Gloves
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