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Brass Aroma
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Brass Aroma Diffuser - Handcrafted Air Freshener And Purifier
  • Metallic - made of Brass,body is handcrafted with beautiful artisan design.
  • Accompanied with brass bowl to hold the aromatic oil +1 tee light lamp.
  • Aromatherapy aid - Purifies the air with healing and relaxing aroma.
  • Anti - skid rubberized round base with diameter of 9 cms, body diameter is 6.6 cms.
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This aroma diffuserlamp ismade of brass and handcrafted; made by the talented artisans. It is designed to create a serene and calming atmosphere wherever it is placed. It also purifies the air; the essential oil in the aroma oil (optional) used can kill bacteria and microbes present in the air.

The beautiful aroma lamp is made of brass and designs are carved on the body with cutwork. It comes with a tee light and a bowl to hold the aromatic oil of your choice. To use it, put few drops of aromatic oil in the bowl then lite the wax light and place below the bowland let the aroma diffuse throughout the room and experience the healing and relaxation in a natural way.

It is available with or without natural aroma oil bottle (10 ml) with amber fragrance. The ingredients of the aroma oil include essential oil, jojoba, wheatgerm, and extract of aloe vera. Essential oil is good for relaxation and mental clarity, Jojoba calms and nourishes the mind, Wheatgerm oil reduces stress and enhances energylevel, Extract of Aloe Vera act as a detoxifier and boosts the immune system.

The diffuser has an anti skid rubberized base and user friendly dimensions; total height including base is 12.5 cms, diameter of body is 6.6 cms and of base is 9 cms. The aroma lamp makes for a wonderful gift.

Item Photos Price
Aroma Diffuser Lamp - With oil Aroma Diffuser Lamp USD$ 14.50
Aroma Diffuser Lamp - Without oil Aroma Diffuser Lamp USD$ 11.95
Brass Aroma Diffuser
Aroma Diffuser Lamp
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