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Natural Aromatic Shoe Inserts - 1 Pair
  • Keeps footwear fresh, stale free and fragrant - suitable for daily use.
  • User friendly shape, suitable for wide range of foot wear - boots, casual wear or sports shoes.
  • Filled with natural wood powder mildly perfumed with IFRA standard natural perfumed oils.
  • Repels insects and moths which may dwell in footwear when not in use.
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The aromatic shoe sachets are a unique product to add fragrance in your life. These are lightly perfumed with natural aroma. They come in a user friendly size hence are ideal for wide range of foot-wears such as, boots, casual wear, sports shoes and more.

The ingredient inside these sachets is natural wood powder perfumed with IFRA standard perfumed oils. They are not only designed to emit aroma but also absorb the moisture which protects the fabric, leather, stitching and soles of foot-wear from moisture damage hence increase the life of the footwear.

They are compact, light weight, durable and user friendly. You just need to keep the sachets inside your foot-wear overnight. In the morning you will find your foot wear fragrant as if it is newly bought, and get rid of murky or moldy smells at the start of your day.

The sachet can be used for seasonal shoes when not in use; they will feel fresh when the time comes to wear them. It also repels the moths and insects which may dwell in the footwear during dis-use. Makes for a unique and thoughtful gift.

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Natural Aromatic Shoe Inserts - 1 Pair Pranayama Stick USD$ 8.50
Natural Aromatic Shoe Inserts - 1 Pair
Aromatic Foot Wear
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