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Baby Oral Kit Combo
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Baby Oral Kit Combo
  • 3 stage baby hygiene kit-tongue cleaner and 2 toothbrush for 0-8 month old babies
  • Safety guard included– to be used below the tip to protect the little bud from swallowing
  • Tongue cleaner gently cleans baby’s tongue removing milk residual and coatings
  • Toothbrush & trainer smoothly massages baby’s teeth & gum cleaning leftover safely
  • Uniquely designed to maintain baby's oral hygiene and keep mouth germ free & healthy
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The set is a complete oral care for your cutie pies. The 3 stage set is designed carefully considering the growth of babies.

Tongue cleaner has a soft circle to clean infant’s tongue with ease and without any hassle. The two sided, double cleaning brush can also be used as a gum massager. Along with cleaning it will smoothly massage the infant’s teeth and gum. Now that your little one has already learnt the basics the, the 3rd step will be brushing. The brush has ultra-soft bristles which will remove the food particles tenderly. The safety guard provided helps the toddler to maintain the length of the brush in the mouth and prevents swallowing. You can clean the set with warm water or normal water. You may bottle wash in hot water to clean the product.

It is a must have for every toddler to maintain hygiene and freshness.

Caution:DO NOT boil or sterilize the set.

This is not a toy, kindly pay attention while using on the baby

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Baby Oral Kit Combo
Baby Oral Kit Combo
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