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Bamboo Tongue Cleaner
    Bamboo Tongue Cleaner   Friendly Bamboo Tongue   Bamboo Tongue Cleaner   Bamboo Tongue Cleaner  
Eco - Friendly Bamboo Tongue Cleaner
  • 100% Natural: HAND-MADE Bamboo Tongue Scraper; Chemical free.
  • Smooth & Wider curve: maximum tongue coverage; No nicks and cuts while dragging at the tongue.
  • Slotted on both ends of the scraper for comfortable grip without slipping.
  • Completely Eco-Friendly; longer life; Can be Sterilized in warm water.
  • Do not share to maintain hygiene; Use gently!
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In today’s time, people are more aware and go the extra step for best oral care. In addition, Tongue scraping is a “daily ritual” nowadays. Tongue cleaners of plastics and other materials can be harmful on the tongue. Opting for a pure natural scraper can be really healthy. The Bamboo tongue scraper is filled with the goodness of bamboo and other natural elements. This tongue cleaner is solely handcrafted and does not contain any harsh chemicals. Natural options do not have any side-effects on overall health. Even minerals present in them can be easily imparted in our bodies through the tongue.

This tongue cleaner has wide joint area to drag the bacteria and other residues out of the tongue in one stroke. It does not have any sharp ends or rounds preventing nicks and cuts. With a firm grip at the both ends, Scraping is simple without any slipping. Being made of natural bamboo, the scraper is purely eco-friendly.

Always clean the scrapper with water before and after use. It can be sterilized in warm water as well. It is advised not to share the scraper with others for hygienic purpose.

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Eco-friendly Bamboo Tongue Cleaner Bamboo Tongue Cleaner USD$ 5.95
Eco-friendly Bamboo Tongue Cleaner
Bamboo Tongue Cleaner
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"I live in the US but still find service with this company to be fast and efficient. We have ordered on two separate occasions and received our orders quickly and in great condition despite them coming all the way from India. "

11 May,2017

from Gardnerville , United States
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