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Body Massage Brush
    Body Massage Brush   Body Massage Brush   Body Massage Brush   Body Massage Brush  
Body Massage Brush
  • 100% natural wood used; 37 round edged and flexible tips;soft rubber cushioned for effective and gentle massage.
  • Durable fabric grip handle attached-comfortable and anti slip grip allowing free hand movement for maximum alleviation.
  • Improves skin appearance by improving blood circulation.
  • Maintains synchronicity between body and brush helps remove cellulite pockets in the body.
  • Length- 13cm, Breadth- 7.5 CM, Height- 4.5 CM.
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If you are looking for a massage that naturally polishes your body then you are on the right page. This manual Anti Cellulite body massage brush effectively but gently invigorates and exfoliates skin by improving blood circulation. You can use it directly on your skin while taking a shower or can just simply massage it on your body with an anti-cellulite cream, oil or gel. The base of the massager is made from 100% organic wood that cannot break easily and is aesthetic. There are 37 round edged, flexible and smooth massage tips attached on a rubber cushion that act as fingers on a pillow to gives maximum comfort to the body. A durable hand held handle has been attached for comfortable and anti slip grip. It allows variety of hand positions without the brush slipping or falling off. The handle helps the brush to move in circular motion - maintains synchronicity between your body and the brush.

Set of rubber cushion absorbs any harsh pressure and relaxes tensed muscles promoting the flow of fluid in the capillaries. The brush is based on rolling massage technique that effectively removes cellulite pockets in the body. This brush is your daily hygienic, organic and safe massage tool that is a must use for dry skin. Being compact in size and light in weight helps it to be carried anywhere.

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Body Massage Brush
Body Massage Brush
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