Bunion Splint
    Hinged Bunion Splint   Splint Bunion   Hinged Splint Bunion   Hinged Bunion  
Hinged Bunion Splint
  • Effective tool to provide protection and realign the big toe.
  • Bands are made of neoprene rubber; soft, non toxic, non-allergenic.
  • Has hinged mechanism to allow movement of the big toe.
  • Rigid, yet comfortable splint with adjustable Velcro straps.
  • Helps resume activities; yoga, ballet, tennis or golf.
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The bunion splint is designed to realign and stabilize the big toe. Bunion is a forefoot deformity in which the joint of the big toe gets bigger and sticks out; it causes the lateral deviation of the big toe. The bunion aid is a non-operative treatment solution to straighten your big toe. It relieves bunion pain and provides protection and correction to big toe.

The tool has a hook and loop straps for the big toe and mid foot. These straps are made of neoprene which is soft and non-allergenic and connected with a splint on the inner side of the foot. It comes with a hinged mechanism to allow the movement of the big toe while walking which helps in gradual straightening of the bunion. The Velcro straps are adjustable makes it fit for all foot sizes.

You can wear it during normal activities or routine work or at night during sleep and can easily get up without taking it off. By straightening the big toe, it also improves the balance required for doing yoga poses. It is a good option to avoid surgery and corrects deviation of big toe after any surgery.

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Bunion Splint
Bunion Splint
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