Chest Developer
    Chest Developer   Chest Developer   Chest Developer   Chest Developer  
Chest Developer
  • Resistance bands with 5 different stretchable levels - achieve superlative resistance.
  • 100% natural rubber latex – free from fillers, like polyurethane and chemicals, durable best for anywhere use.
  • High quality tubes - extra thick will not dry, snap out or deform – Robust handles with comfortable grip.
  • One workout tool for many uses, easy on joints, hits the targeted muscles – maintains constant force for best results.
  • Includes Extra Replacement tube - available in different colors, suitable for instant training, strengthening, stretching and toning.
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This Gymnastic Chest Developer is the best gym tool for the fitness freaks who are working to get that alpha male chest line. Our tough ladies need not worry, as this majestic gym equipment is also meant to accelerate your work out or yoga sessions for maximum results. Being made from 100% natural and chemical free rubber latex it is ideal when it comes to safety. The extra thick and best quality rubber gives it durability. It prevents the bands from being deformed or snap out by drying. Not only limited with these matchless abilities, unlike other chest developers this one has been provided with robust handles to ensure a comfortable grip.

There are 5 resistance bands for different fitness level and helps you to hit those long targeted muscles. It helps to maintain a constant force to achieve superlative resistance. Being effective it is also gentle on your joints, with minimal force you can get a full body workout by adding variety and intensity. The resistance bands of this chest developer help you with strength training exercises without weights.

Being light in weight this chest developer can be carried anywhere and is an aid for the eager beavers who are too busy to exercise. You can carry them to your work place or during travel and in your spare time “expand those muscles a few more inches”. Available in different vibrant colors and with an extra resistance band.

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Chest Developer Chest Developer USD$ 14.15
Chest Developer
Chest Developer
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