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Coconut Body Brush
    Coconut Body Brush   Coconut Body Brush   Coconut Body Brush   Coconut Body Brush  
Coconut Body Brush
  • Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable and completely natural – 100% coconut fiber scrub made with complete organic items, Suitable for all skin types.
  • Easy Grip Handle- Wooden handle provides good support and let you reach every part of your body .
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Going natural is always preferred as its equally beneficial for us as well as for the earth. This body brush is such an example, which is prepared by using all natural stuff. It consists of a wooden handle engraved with coconut fiber bristles which makes the overall length of the product approx 9.5 inches. The product is very beneficial for a through cleansing of body. The Body Brush comes with plenty of health benefits such as removal of dead skin cells, Cellulite reduction, opening clogged pores and many others.

Regular use of this product might enhance your blood circulation; simply massage it well across your body. You’ll feel the difference in a few uses.

Its tightly packed bristles stay intact and fell less as compared to other such brushes, hence making it more durable and long lasting.

We also recommend this product to old age citizens as it weighs almost negligible (115 grams) and can be used on old skin which is mostly dry and loose. Apart from bathing the product can also provide you with a lot many health benefits which makes it a must buy for your daily bathing solution.

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Coconut Body Brush Coconut Body Brush USD$ 15.75
Coconut Body Brush
Coconut Body Brush
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