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Coconut Shell Cups
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Handmade Coconut shell cups
  • Coconut shell cups :Earth-friendly and Bio-degradable.
  • Non-fragile Cups for Routine use; Easy to clean for daily purpose.
  • Hand-made cups - A wooden handle attached to the cup provides firm grip.
  • Healthier option as compared to other materials - these are chemical free.
  • Capacity: Approx. 100 ml; Available in single piece and set of 2 and 4; Smooth finish.
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Coconut shell is a very useful substance present in nature. These shells can be used differently to create a variety of utility items. Coastal areas are very rich in the availability of coconut shells. Our Indian artists residing there create a variety of beautiful as well as utility items. One example is coconut shell cups which can be used to serve tea and other beverages. A nice soothing earthy aroma of shell can be experienced all time. These should not be cleaned in Dish washer instead they should be hand-washed. It is advised not to use these cups in microwave.

Gift yourself and friends the goodness of nature and natural health. These attractive cups bring the beauty of simplicity to the home!!

Item Styles and Sizes Photos Price
Coconut shell cups - Single Handmade Coconut shell cups USD$ 8.50
Coconut shell cups - Set of 2 Tounge Cleaners Copper USD$ 12.50
Coconut shell cups - Set of 4 Tounge Cleaners Copper USD$ 19.95
Handmade Coconut shell cups
Handmade Coconut shell cups
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