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Copper Drinking Straws
    Copper Drinking Straws   Copper Drinking Straws  
Copper Drinking Straws
  • Sturdy Copper straw is a healthy and an eco friendly alternative to plastic straws
  • Plastic Straws contain BPA & Phthalates, with BPA known to cause reproductive disorders
  • Unlike plastic straws which contain Phthalates, Copper does not release harmful carcinogens
  • Copper brings antioxidant properties - immunity building, anti ageing and bone strengthening
  • 8 inches long, the straw is ideal for all kinds of cocktails and mock-tails
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With the climate changes becoming drearier day by day, there has been a growing concern about the harmful effects of plastic. Hence, it seems like high-time, we switched to healthier alternatives. According to various surveys it’s been found that plastic is not only bad for the environment but bad for our health too. Plastic contains BPA; BPA is a harmful chemical that imitates hormones, most commonly estrogen, which leads to a number of reproductive disorders and other conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease. Plastics also contain carcinogens; with every sip there lurks the chance of being in contact with a cancer causing element.

Unlike plastic, copper does not induce such fatal health hazards. Copper has several health related benefits that until now remain untapped. Adding to them, comes the ease of cleaning the metal straw, its durability and reusability; making it a great buy for travelers, drink and smoothie junkies, as well as people who are looking to add grace to their tables.

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Copper Drinking Straws Set of 2 Copper Drinking Straws Set of 2 USD$ 8.75
Copper Drinking Straws Set of 4 Copper Drinking Straws USD$ 9.95
Copper Drinking Straws
Copper Drinking Straws
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