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Pure Copper Bottle with Cap
  • Copper bottle with Cap: Made of pure copper; easy to wash and maintain - approx. 900 ml
  • Helps impart ionic properties of copper to the held water; very mildly soluble in ionic form.
  • Water stored in copper bottle is believed to be good for maintaining digestive health.
  • copper "cured" water helps clear intestinal waste and inhibits kidney diseases(stones).
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Drinking water in Copper, Keeps the health Proper!!

With the rising incidence of immune disorders where diagnosis is vague, modern medicine faces limitations. It is perhaps the right time to follow the ancient mantra for good health. It is suggested inAyurvedicScriptures to drink water stored overnight in copper vessel every morning. Copper has properties which help to maintain immunity. Copper, in ionic form, is slightly soluble in water . It plays an important role in our system. It helps convert iron to hemoglobin. The goodness of copper can be absorbed in our daily health by drinking water stored in copper vessel. Copper is also believed to have a beneficial effect on the skin, hair, arteries, metabolism and cellular oxidation.

Copper is a primary element to produce melanin in human body. It is an anti-carcinogenic that prevents cell damage and slows aging. It is very essential for hemoglobin synthesis, bone strength and immunity building.

NOTE: The Copper vessel, due to chemical reaction with air,becomes tarnished and reduces in shine and color. But this is normal and does not indicate a loss in its properties or deterioration of product. Clean your copper bottle with hands only. No need to use any detergent. At best, you can use a tinge of lemon juice to restore some of the shine by removing the tarnish.

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Pure Copper Bottle with Cap Pure Copper Water Bottle USD$ 16.50
Pure Copper Bottle with Cap
Pure Copper Water Bottle
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"The copper bottles which sent were good. My self and my friend using this bottle daily. Before this we were using plastic bottle. We used to get lot of health problems because of bacteria present in plastic bottle. Now we are drinking safe and healthy water with u r bottles. "

30 Nov,2015

from Kurnool , India


"Excellent product, timely delivery, user friendly shopping site "

19 Nov,2015

from Bangalore , India
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