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Copper Bottle
    Copper Water Bottle   Copper Water Bottle   Copper Bottle Water   Copper Water Bottle  
Copper Water Bottle
  • Natural Copper Made Water Bottle; Precisely made elegant finish copper water bottle; Easy to carry and operate.
  • Ayurvedic product; Helps to provide essential micronutrients to the human body by ionizing the water and helps detoxify the body from inside.
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Drinking water in Copper, Keeps the health Proper!!

Copper is one of the most essential elements of earth, which is used by humans since ages. Copper was first used by humans to make Household items which included cutlery, Statues, Ornaments and many other useful items. In Ayurveda copper is considered as a metal of cure, its benefits are countless to humans; that is why now copper is being used in households throughout the world.

A Copper water bottle is one such apparatus, the idea behind this bottle being to provide you with great health and all the benefits of copper. The copper bottle can store 950 ml of water inside plus on top of it an airtight easy to open lid mechanism is provided which makes the overall apparatus leakproof. High-quality food grade lacquer coating on the outside of the bottle delays oxidation and keeps the surface shiny for longer. The metal used in the product helps in making it light weight (almost approx 300gm) and highly durable.

NOTE: Copper is a metal which when comes in contact with air reduces in shine and colour; but that does not affect the product quality. Clean the bottle with Luke warm water. No need to apply harmful soaps and detergents, Instead you can use natural products such as lime juice or vinegar to restore its shine back.

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Copper Water Bottle
Copper Water Bottle
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"Love the toothpaste and have passed it on to others. Works great for them also! "

22 Nov,2019

from Sturtevant , United States
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