PVA Door Stopper
    PVA Door Stopper   PVA Door Stopper   PVA Door Stopper  
PVA Door Stopper
  • Made from flexible, durable plastic-PVC; long lasting material - anti-fragile
  • Anti-skid design: stops door from closing accidentally - prevents from crushed fingers.
  • Safe for floors, will not scratch or scrape; No noise material-doors from being dragged or slammed
  • Wedge shaped-for any door size, no sharp edge- safe, also for Wobbling furniture.
  • Comes as a Set of 2: Size -10cm *4.3cm *1cm (1 cm is the slope wedge height)
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This durable and clear looking door stopper is best to keep your children away from getting their hand or fingers pinched in the door's edge while playing. It has been provided with specially designed dots at the base of the stopper which prevents it from slipping.

The door stopper is made from PVC material -an inexpensive plastic. It is best for a long run and this material is not fragile. There are no sharp edges that can lead to any cut or damage, it is an ideal projecting door stopper to keep your children safe at home. It can also be used beneath Wobbling furniture to stabilize them.

The PVA door stopper has a wegde shape that helps it fit at any door end, preventing the door from being shut or slammed due to wind or any other force. It gets fixed on to the ground, so that there is no dragging noise to disturb the sleep of your little angles. It is available in a set of 2, best for both indoor and outdoor use.

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PVA Door Stopper PVA Door Stopper USD$ 5.20
PVA Door Stopper
PVA Door Stopper
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