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Ebony Spiritual Bracelets
    Ebony Spiritual Bracelets  
Ebony Spiritual Bracelets
  • Ebony dense and black substance – believed to ward off enemy`s evil intent.
  • Helps in removal of negative thoughts – smooth beads for regular wear – do no hurt the skin.
  • Ebony bracelet is lovingly tied together in an elastic thread – fits on all wrists
  • High quality beads handcrafted by local craftsperson – holds 27 beads of the Ebony.
  • Properties – energy that may enhance power, purity, balance, protection and luck.
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The Bracelet is made of high quality Ebony. When the bracelet is worn on the wrist, it touches your skin but would not hurt is as its perfect round beads are very smooth. It is worn mainly for its protective quality. These beads are handcrafted by local artisans with lot of care and bonded with an elastic thread to fit every wrist easily.

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Ebony Spiritual Bracelets Ebony Spiritual Bracelets USD$ 4.95
Ebony Spiritual Bracelets
Ebony Spiritual Bracelets
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"Product arrived on time, however courier guy asked to me to come to a different point to pick up the produt. Overall it was a good service. Thanks again. "

21 Dec,2012

from Bangalore , India


"as always, order arrived really quickly, and I`m very pleased with what i bought! thankyou! :) "

26 May,2012

Mrs J
from Wantage , United Kingdom


"We were very pleased with our mala beads. Somehow they we sent to a wrong address, but someone called and we were able to fix the address very easily."

08 Dec,2011

from Rochester , United States
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