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Baby Nasal
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Effective Baby Nasal Aspirator
  • Soft Silicone Nasal Pump attached with nostril pipe and suction pipe; extremely hygienic.
  • 2 attachment options – tube with suction option; AND second nozzle for deeper mucus.
  • Extremely comfort inserts; removes mucus from babies’ nostrils without nicks or cuts.
  • Comparatively safer than battery-powered nasal aspirators as suction is controlled .
  • Helps babies in easier breathing by reducing congestion; Dishwasher safe; Easy to clean.
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When a baby is born, it depends upon parents for everything in life. The ability to clear baby nasal passages is one of them. Not only are newborn babies more likely to get sick or have serious congestion of the nose, they also lack the ability to get rid of that congestion themselves. That’s why a nasal aspirator for the baby is very important. A nasal aspirator draws fluids out through the baby’s nostrils by using suction pipe.

How to use: Parents need to have the suction pipe in mouth which is attached with a rubber container. Place the nostril pipe insert onto the baby’s nostril. Through suction, the mucus from the nostril is drawn out and gets collected in the container. After the process, detach the container from the pipes and empty it. Wash it properly with mild dish-soap. Rinse the pipes well with warm water. Dry properly. This nasal aspirator is dishwasher safe.

For more stubborn mucus, use the alternate nozzle which is slightly longer and with an extremely soft silicone insert. Fit this onto the silicon container which acts as a suction pump cum container. Insert the probe into the baby’s nostrils while keeping the pump pressed. As you release the pressure on the pump, the mucus gets drawn out into the pump. Once again, After the process, detach the container from the pipes and empty it. Wash it properly with mild dish-soap. The soft silicone nose tip can also be detached and sterilized separately.

Always use a clean aspirator for removing mucus from babies’ nostrils.

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Effective Baby Nasal Aspirator Teething Necklace USD$ 10.95
Effective Baby Nasal Aspirator
Baby Nasal Aspirator
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